Dasra, THE social catalyst you should know about


Dasra works with a very huge number of NGOs and social entrepreneurs, if you are interested in this field you should really know about it.

Dasra, which means ‘enlightened giving’ in Sanskrit, has been created 15 years ago with one main focus: offer a new and innovative model to transform the social sector in India by building ecosystems to connect philanthropists, NGOs and social entrepreneurs.

Since few years in India, all companies must give 2% of their revenue for social causes (in term of cash or with Employees Engagement Program) but give to whom? What is the real impact ?

The problems remains that donors want to fund organizations with a clear plan for growth but most non-profit organizations and social businesses are busy fire fighting to run their day-to-day programs.


Dasra answers with a strategic approach to social problems and brings together Knowledge, Funding and People to help philanthropists and social entrepreneurs create maximum impact.



For philanthropists who wants to make effective donations, Dasra brings, with deep research (around 6 months) on a targeted social issue, understanding through the market, the organizations and their impacts.

For social organizations, Dasra is helping them to think strategically and become scalable but also builds connections between stakeholders working on the same area to collaborate more effectively.

Dasra transform surviving ecosystems in thriving ecosystems

One of their main program, The Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program (DSILP) is India’s first leadership development program for social enterprises and has been launched in collaboration with Harvard University (to bring executive education to the social sector)

This year long program with four modules, on leadership and strategy, Human Resources, Branding and Communications & Sustainability & Legacy assists participants to expand their potential and the impact of their social enterprises. It combines classroom teaching with peer-to-peer exchange, networking and partnerships to provide the high potential and management level the knowledge, the tools and the confidence to Discuss some of the challenges that they face while running their organizations and learn from each other’s successes and failures.


In 2013-2014, Dasra has raised 12M$ for 59 social organizations to help scale promising nonprofits and social businesses to positively impact thousands of lives.

Highlights 2013-2014:


research reports


organisations mapped


730 000

beneficiaries reached