In memory of Agnès

Association praises


Agnes has always been involved in several associations in particular for disadvantaged children. Below you will find some associations wishing to honor her (to be updated)



Enfants du Mekong

Enfants du Mékong works through individual sponsorship of children to enable their schooling. Furthermore, Enfants du Mekong sets up sustainable development projects related to the protection of childhood and schooling.

Defi du Mekong The 31th of May, the “Défi du Mékong” challenge will gather solidarity runners to run the 20km of Brussels. Agnes was at the initiative of this project and member of the organizing team 2011-2012 and 2013.


The “défi du Mékong Bruxelles 2015″ will be run in her memory

Agnes-DefiParticipants of this challenge raise funds to finance the construction of a school in Laos.

This school will be named Agnès in her memory


Agnes-AsmaeAsmae is a Ngo specialized in child development.

“Let’s Help children to be standing men” – Sœur Emmanuelle

Yalla! The favorite expression of Sister Emmanuelle means “go forward”. It reflects our state of mind and our will, which is to strive to bring out the positive. Agnès loved this expression. – more information on the tribute to come




Coup de Pouce

Agnes-CoupDePouceCoup de pouce humanitaire gathers volunteers who wish to punctually support long term actions...

Coup de pouce choose trusted partners who conducts long-term field projects, and offers them to receive a one-time assistance in the realization of their projects. These projects cover many areas such as education, social or health.

 In Memory of Agnes, we invite you to support these associations.



Les partenaires d’HelloChange et des acteurs de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire rendent également hommage à Agnès.

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