UnLtd India – launchpad for early-stage social entrepreneurs


UnLtd India is a launchpad for early-stage entrepreneurs focused on supporting social ventures to become scalable and sustainable.

UnLtd India has three core programs:


seed funding and hands on support for social entepreneurs


replicating their work through a pan India network of sister incubators adopting their model


codifying and disseminating their expertise in incubating social start ups

Based in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, UnLtd India’s Incubation program supports disruptive social initiatives in the early stages of their creation, from the idea to the first steps of a business. They help them:

  • Develop as leaders
  • Accelerate their impact
  • Prepare their organisations for scaling and further investment

They are institutionally funded or granted by big corporates, foundations or family associations.


UnLtd India’s Incubation program is divided in 3 Levels, depending on the advancement of the idea:

  • Level 1 – “the idea stage” brings help to structure a concept and a business plan. Investees must be based in Maharashtra
  • Level 2 – offers a follow up to build a more sustainable running venture. Investees must be based in Maharashtra
  • Growth Challenge – scale up and bring the venture to the next level. Investees can be located anywhere in India

UnLtd India’s investees work across diverse fields (education, agriculture, health, etc.), coming from any age and any economic background. UnLtd India looks for what they call the “4 I’s”:

  • Individual: The individual’s social entrepreneurial characteristics and the skills of the individual to deliver the project
  • Idea: Whether the idea is new and innovative
  • Impact: The potential of the project to deliver social impact and a clear idea on the part of the entrepreneur of the change that will be created
  • Incubation: The degree to which a win-win relationship between the social entrepreneur and UnLtd India can be established


How to become an UnLtd India investee?

UnLtd India makes call for investees twice a year for its Level 1 and Level 2 programs and once a year for its Growth Challenge program. The selection process is extraordinarily thorough and takes place over several months. Ultimately, 15-20 investees are chosen for each Level (1 and 2), totaling about 40 investees enter the program each year. Around 5 investees are chosen annually for Growth Challenge.

The selection process takes part in 2 rounds:

First of all a “Call for Applications” will enable a first selection of projects. Then, UnLtd India screens the applicants and shortlists between 40 and 50 to attend their

Theory of Change Workshop where entrepreneurs learn to articulate their ideas and their impact

In this way, UnLtd India hopes to add value even to those applicants who are not selected as investees.

 UnLtd Investees


What kind of support does UnLtd India offer?

Through their Incubation Program, UnLtd India offers:

  • A year of support that includes regular individual meetings with a coach, to make sure each investee is on the right track. Support is individualized, depending on the project and the entrepreneur‘s vision.
  • Group workshops and trainings and peer learning sessions
  • A host of connections to UnLtd India’s network of experts including field experts, corporate mentors, funders, other incubators, and their own alumni network.

In addition to this, the investees receive financial support evolving each year to help them building the capacities of their project.


After they have completed their year of support, investees can reapply the following year and can be supported for 3 years.


Impact measurement:

UnLtd India creates reports every quarter through which they track the number of employees or beneficiaries for each investee, the evolution of their income, amongst other metrics. All this information is stored on a Force.com-based MIS system that allows the team to track its impact over time.


The Network :

As part of its vision to support early stage entrepreneurs throughout India, UnLtd India began its Expansion program three years ago. The UnLtd India Affiliates build their own organizations and own support team but are followed and supported by the UnLtd India Network Team and work underneath the UnLtd India brand.

Each Affiliate has the freedom to adapt its incubation process to its local ecosystem.

So far, UnLtd India has supported Affiliates in Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, and, most recently, Delhi.


Check out our portrait of The Initiative, an UnLtd India’s investee.


more about UnLtd India :
Site internet: UnLtdIndia.org
Facebook: Facebook.com/UnLtdIndia
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